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Understand the Difference between Gentlemen’s Club and Strip Clubs

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If you are looking for any adult entertainment then usually you have two choices:

  1. You can either visit the local strip club
  2. Or you may visit a Gentlemen’s club

Is there is a difference between a Philly Gentlemen’s Club and a local strip club in the neighborhood? Though the purpose of both is to provide people adult fun there are several differences between them.

Let’s read further and know what the differences between these two.

Club décor

If you visit any gentlemen’s club you will find that the décor is much classier as compared to a strip club. There will be cleanliness all around. The tables, sofas and interior décor will look neat and organized. This cannot be expected at the strip clubs. As soon as you enter the difference is obvious.


By looking at the cleanliness, you can easily make out whether you are in any strip club or a gentlemen’s club. In a gentlemen’s club, you will find everything well-organized and hygienic.

On the other hand, if you visit a strip club you have to look for a clean table to sit around.


Strippers will be present in both types of clubs. However, the strippers at gentlemen’s club are very exclusive and hotter too. The girls are fashionable and sophisticated. The gentlemen club owners are usually very choosy about the girls they hire to maintain their reputation.

At the strip club, the girl’s lingerie is poor quality and the girls never bother about their manicures or pedicures. The reason is that guys visiting don’t bother if they don’t see the stripper again.


In the gentlemen’s club, you will find a very organized parking space which is convenient for the customers.

In the strip club, the parking places are very messy and crowded. You have to really make an effort to find a place to park your vehicle.

Food and drinks

If you look at the quality of food served in both clubs you will find a very big difference. In the stripper’s club, the choice of food will be very limited and only fast food including pizza, chicken fry, etc. gets served

In the gentlemen’s club, there is a full-fledged restaurant where you can find great delicacies to savor.


The type of gentry that you will find in gentlemen’s club is very sophisticated and exclusive. They have a certain dress code where you may be denied entry if you are shabbily dressed.

In a strip club, you find mostly cheap and drunken crowd who are noisy. They shout and dance during the performance.

The etiquettes of both clubs differ!

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