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7 Commandments For Visiting A Full-Nude Strip Club!

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All your boys have planned the weekend, and it’s time to find the best strip club in business. Strip clubs have come a long way in the last couple of decades. From being dingy dens to posh clubs that promise an enthralling experience to watch the big game, there’s so much to explore. If you are going to a full-nude strip club, we have 7 commandments that you must follow.

  • Ask for lap dance or table dance. Okay, this is a choice, but we think it’s a must. At a full-nude strip club, you must experience the ultimate table dance with the boys. Lap dances, of course, are private and worth paying for.
  • Be respectful. We don’t want to sound preachy, but don’t behave badly with the strippers. Tipping is highly recommended, and there is no harm in refusing a full-friction dance or lap dance. What is not acceptable is bad behavior.

  • Don’t try to take photos! You are not allowed to use the phone while the strippers are around, and you will be surprised with the serious consequences that follow, if you try! The floor host can take a pic with the group, on request though.
  • Check for packages. Many full-nude strip clubs have packages, which offer things like free entry to the club, choices of alcohol and mixers, free stage roast, private server and so on. You may also ask for a reserved area for a few hours.
  • Keep ordering the booze. All strip clubs and bars make considerable money – in fact, most of it – through beer and boozer orders, so you are expected to keep ordering. Do not hope to hold the table just like that.
  • Don’t miss full friction. The closest you can get with a stripper is full friction. Only selected full-nude strip clubs offer that, so think of this as a privilege and don’t miss on this aspect. There is nothing more fun than having a stripper do all those things to you!

  • Don’t make the stupid mistakes. Strippers are professionals, and they expect guests to behave adequately. Don’t ask for sex or their phone numbers – The manager can throw you out of the club in no time. Also, try to grope or touch the strippers. She will be ready to please with a lap dance, as we mentioned earlier – Ask for that.

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